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Samet Plast is the ISO 9001:2008 certified company, engaged in production of various types of master batches.

We are produced Colour, White, Black, Additives Like- (Different grade of UV MB, Optical Brightener, Slip Additives, Antistate Additives, Slip cum Antiblock Additives, Anti-oxidant, Desiccant (Anti Moisture), Processing Aids, Silicon Master batch, Clarifying / Nucleating Master batch GAMA RADIATIVE MB, Purging Compound, Blowing agent and specially effect master batches like Conductive MB, Fibre MB, Fluorescent MB, Pearl effect MB, Marble effect MB in India. Our high quality master batches used in especially for blown film, cast film, multi layer film, extrusion, Blow & injection molding, Woven sack, Mono and multi filaments, Non woven fabrics, pipes and cables etc and other types of plastic processing industries.


All the Master Batches are made from natural pigment, Talcum/calcium carbonate powder and plastics raw materials and also synthetic PE Wax. All the white Master Batches are made from Rutile Titanium Dioxide powder and plastics raw materials and also synthetic PE Wax.

Quality - Samet master batches are manufactured in strict quality control procedure with high technology equipments & skilled operators. The precision control of these manufacturing processes is key to the end users receiving a quality master batches that consistently meet the customer expectations for function and performance.

The big production capacity and anticipated attitude allows Samet the ability to work miracles when it comes to response time and delivery. We have the ability and expertise to provide the customer with custom quality tailored to their specific application.


We want to be the best in country.


Constancy improves our product, process & services to meet our customer needs & maintain leader ship position.

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